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MAY 10th, 2014


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By: Pastor Todd Christopherson

If we just jump in a car not knowing much about racing and try to turn laps we are not going to get far. Pretty soon the wall is going to get up close and personal with you. You can be a long time fan and attend hundreds of races. Maybe you have even been in the pits and sat in a car but it is a huge difference to drive one. Even one of the guys I talked to this week at Rockford said it was not bad out on the track alone but knew it was going to be much more challenging once they were side by side racing. I have heard plenty of fans talk about how the driver could have or they could have but that is funny when you get them behind the wheel then things are not quite the same.

I say this because I was thinking about this all week. A fan can be blind to a lot of things in a race car and/ or a race.

This year and for the next couple of seasons we are going to go through Proverbs for chapel. I am excited to study together and excited to get the season started. I always look forward to getting the green flag dropped on a new season at Rockford’s Spring Opener. There is no difference this year so let’s get started.

PASTOR TODD & ERIC HUENEFELDPASTOR TODD & ERIC HUENEFELDWhat makes the beginning of the season so exciting? 1) We get back to one of our loves; 2) We get to spend time around friends, race family and those we care about; 3) Being adrenaline junkies, we get our fix; 4) The sound of a roaring engine and squealing tires and the smell of oil, brakes, etc…; 5) Everyone has hope and new goals for a new, fresh start of a new season. We don’t know where it is going to lead but we set the goal for each race and the season; 6) and for me, to be able to minister to the race community and the many needs that people have. There is more but that is enough for now.

The Israelites are called by God as His own yet they struggled to obey and it cost them many times. God was so patient sending prophet after prophet to warn them of their sin. There were points where God said that is enough and here is your punishment. One of the punishments was this: knowing the promise and God’s faithfulness yet not being able to walk into the Promised Land. There can be times we know there is a blessing from the Lord but our sin keeps us from obtaining it. God desires to bless us but cannot just look the other way on sin.

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