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2014 AWARDS BANQUET, Wisconsin Dells
Mid-Am Banquet Saturday, January 24, 2015


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Today is "VETERAN'S DAY. The day set aside each year to honor our United States Veterans. They selflessly give thier all to serve and protect our great country of the United States of America. Each veteran has a story to tell, ask them thiers. Here is a portion of mine as told at a Veteran's Day assembly at the Deerfield High School a few years ago.

My name is Doug Strasburg. I was born in Watertown on April 1st, 1947 and raised in Lake Mills until my junior year of high school when we moved to Rhinelander where I graduated in 1965. I joined the United States Army on January 30, 1966 and was honorably discharged from active duty on February 4, 1969. I received basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky and advanced training on heavy equipment operation and maintenance at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. I was trained to operate graders, bulldozers, articulating bucket loaders and such. We learned how to build bridges and roads.

In March of 1967 I boarded the General Nelson M. Walker troop ship docked in San Francisco Bay bound for Viet Nam along with a few thousand others. While crossing the Pacific Ocean from east to west, you cross the International Date Line and loose a day. I went to bed on March 31st and woke the next morning on April 2nd. Remember my birthday? ……….April 1st……. I missed my 20th birthday. It gets even more interesting. During WWII, my father was shipped to the Philippine Islands, crossed the International Date Line ……you guessed it, on his birthday and lost a birthday. I can’t imagine the odds of that happening.

Let's go Folks!!
Only 4 days away. The 35th annual Road America walk/run for the American Cancer Society at the beautiful Road America, Elkhart Lake, WI is Saturday, October 26th. Registration begins at 8:00 am. The walk/run starts at 10 am sharp! This event is a perfect way to give honor to or dedicate in memory of someone close to us affected by the cancer disease. The Mid-American Marauders goal this year is $1200.

At this juncture, David and Brandi Slack from Engadine, MI are the first and the only ones fired up to walk with me. You are encouraged to register for the walk with us on-line at for $15 or you can register on the day of the event for $20.

WEST SALEM, Wis. (Ocotber 5, 2013) – The August 24 visit of the Mid-American Stock Car Series to LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway proved to be truly critical to the outcome of the 2013 version of Oktoberfest. The late-summer preview gave a glimpse of a rising hometown star and a critical moment in the 2013 title chase.

Dan Gilster set fast time and finished third in the August race at LFS. He was not able to keep pace with Jeremy Spoonmore and winner Bill Prietzel. This time, however, with a large and bias crowd on hand, the Mid-American Rookie of the Year was not denied.

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  • Good luck to 3-time MASCS Champ Bill Prietzel at Road America this weekend! Show those Nationwide boys what the Franklin Flyer is about!
    2 years 31 weeks ago
  • Listen to an interview with Bill Prietzel tonight at 6 p.m. on 680 WCUB in Manitowoc or on the web at
    2 years 32 weeks ago
    2 years 32 weeks ago

Aug 12, 2014
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