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Saturday January 28th, 2017

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Although he lives in the state of Wisconsin, Rick Tackman Jr is a Hoosier at heart.

A former champion at the track now known as Lucas Oil Raceway at Indianapolis, Tackman also drives a Mid American Stock Car currently based out of the state of Indiana. With all of these factors, it's no wonder that Tackman was pegged as the man to beat when the Mid American Stock Car Series made it's first trek to the Circle City in over five years.

Race #1:  Rockford 50 Lap Feature:

1. 33 Tyler Bauknecht
2. 38 Jeff Holtz
3. 88 Rick Corso
4. 132 Scott Dunning
5. 5 Bill Prietzel
6. 47 Ken Joosten
7. 74 Rick Tackman Jr.
8. 79 Jeff Nowak
9. 54 Mark Pluer
10. 32 Lyle Nowak
11. 20 Kody Hubred
12. 27 Bill Rud
13. 23 Dan Gilster
14. 43 Michael Coleman
15. 01 Ryan Gutnecht
16. 30 David Slack
1 7. 87 Eric Lingford
18. 95 Jeremy Spoonmore
19. 8 Erik Pierce
20. 98 Greg Beebe

Race #2:  Madison International Speedway Results 30 Lap Feature:

The local Grundy County Speedway Mid Am drivers successfully defended their turf as Tom Knippenberg won the 50 lap feature for the Mid American Stock Car Series (MASCS) on Friday night.

Jeremy Spoonmore and Scott Dunning paced the field of twenty-four cars to the green flag with Spoonmore taking the early lead. Matthew Clemens was quickly up to second after the first lap with Kevin Gentile taking the third spot on lap 2.

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